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To: Huntley Youth Football Players

From: Coach Hart

Re: Huntley Youth Football Program & Registration


Greetings to all our future Huntley High School football players!  Registration Day for Huntley Youth Football is rapidly approaching and I want to strongly encourage all future HHS players to participate in our HYFL program.

I have met several times with our HYFL leaders and I am excited about the direction and organization of the HYFL program.  My Staff and I are committed to working with HYFL to ensure that our future players are taught with the most current techniques and methods, and following with our philosophy that we have in place at the High School level.  We are in the midst of several clinics with HYFL Coaches to work on schematics, technique, terminology and skills that are currently being used by our High School Football Coaches and players both on the field and in the classroom.

When I arrived at HHS the largest challenge within our football program was unity and continuity. Everyone involved with HYFL has always had great intentions; but we still lacked an extremely vital part of the game of football - Teamwork and Loyalty.  Every player in our HYFL program should have the goal of playing for the HHS Football program when they enter HHS.  The chemistry of playing as one team with one goal is what separates the best of intentions from actual results.  Our HHS Football Staff will be conducting a camp with the entire HYFL program in addition to clinics with all coaches of HYFL.

My staff and I are committed to HYFL to ensure that all players have the best teachers and coaches available.  Our main goal this off season is to make the transition from Middle School to High School easier and more efficient.  If you look at any great youth program in this area, or any place I have been prior; you will see a great relationship with the High School. Players work together for one team and a common goal that is best for all players.

I hope all of you receive this letter as a challenge to continue to improve HYFL and make our football program the best in the entire state. The game of football is different than any other sport.  If you aspire to be great in football you have to be a great teammate.  Football is the ultimate team sport and it is my hope that you play for our feeder program the Huntley Mustangs.




Coach Hart

Head Varsity Football Coach - Huntley High School





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